Residents Respond to WSHS Community Wide Survey

In December, 2016 the Historical Society solicited community feedback about the type and quality of services it provides via an on-line survey.  The survey also strove to identify user demographics. A synopsis of the survey results is as follows:

151 people took the survey and the number of responses were evenly split between members and non-members.  Most of the respondents had lived in WS for 10 or more years (71%).  Almost one-half of our members have supported the Historical Society for over 10 years (46%) and most non-members have been aware of the Society for over 10 years (51%).

Most of our members visited the Water Tower Museum & Children’s Museum (27%), visited the Ekdahl House Museum (16%), and attended an Adult Education Lecture (13%).  Most of the non-members attended the 2015 House Walk (27%), visited the Water Tower Museum & Children’s Museum (19%), and had a child participate in the 3rd grade tour of the Water Tower Museum.

We received 30 comments regarding the House Walk.  These have been reviewed and several of the suggestions are being implemented in the 2017 House Walk.

Respondents strongly agreed that the three most important functions of the WSHS provides are; preserving the history of the Village for future generations, informing residents and visitors for all ages about the Village’s past and helping to create a sense of community.  The most important programs and services we provide related to our ongoing collection of history related items as well as their preservation and display.

We thank all those who took time to complete our first ever WSHS survey.  The information will assist us in the evaluation of existing programs and help provide guidance for future programs.  As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns that you would like to share with us, please contact us at or 708-246-9230.


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