2018 Preservation Award Nominations Now Being Accepted!

2018 Biennial Preservation Awards

The awards, which the Historical Society has been giving since 1996, recognize owners for restoring or preserving their residences while maintaining the architectural and historic integrity of the structure. Houses must be at least 50 years old for two categories and only the building’s exterior is considered. Judges use criteria that have been established by the US Department of the Interior and are recommended by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

The final category, The Good Neighbor Award, is for a new structure, either residential or commercial, that fits the scale and historic style of Western Springs.

The Historical Society appreciates the efforts by all homeowners to maintain their homes. A resident’s commitment to preserving their home or adding to it in a period appropriate manner contributes greatly to the charm and historic character of our village. The Preservation Awards are held biennially in even numbered years. Nominations for the 2018 awards will be accepted until February 28th and can be submitted using this form.

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