Local Trivia

How Well Do You Know Your Home Town?
Take Our Quiz and Find Out!

1.    The National Register of Historic Places lists structures that have been determined to be historic by local governments.
a. Which two buildings in WS are listed on the National Register?
b. What year was the Tower erected and how tall is it?

2.   On Aug 22 1995 a WS resident said: “I think there’s an assumption that what is good for Lyons Township (High School) will be good for the Village of Western Springs. I don’t think that’s true.” What was he talking about?

3.   There is a small concrete shaft topped with a memorial inscription, often decorated with a wreath, in front of the Water Tower. Who does that commemorate and why?

4.   The two Art Deco sculptures of Native Americans on horseback (entitled Bowman and Spearman), on either side of Congress Parkway at Michigan Ave in Chicago, were done by Croatian artist Ivan Mestrovic in 1928. What sculpture in WS was Mestrovic also responsible for?

5.   There is a small stone monument with a plaque in front of the Timber Trails subdivision. What does that commemorate and who placed it there?

6.   In the early 1800s, Marshall Field began buying land in Western Springs. What motivated him to do this?

7.   Our town’s name comes from the abundant springs that used to bubble up to the surface around this area. With expanding population and development, those dried up. Today WS gets it water from where?

8.   What is the name of the very first grocery in WS?

9.  What is the population of Western Springs, as stated on the sign at the entrance to town on westbound Ogden Avenue near the north end of Gilbert Avenue?

Answers to the quiz